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Rashed Kabir


"My name is Rashed Kabir, I'm 38 years old and from Toronto, ON Canada. In my mind, Volunteering is the best way to explore the world and learn about its different cultures.

The level of poverty shocked me but I was amazed to see just how happy the children were. Kids will be kids and it was beautiful contributing to their fun. They did not need I pads or gadgets, only just their imagination.

Volunteers Without Borders opened my eyes to the experience of volunteering abroad and after my experience in India, I realized how powerful it was and wanted to continue volunteering in other countries.

GCF teaches you to look at the world through different eyes, opening them to new wonders

  • Hobby         Gardening
  • Degrees      M.D. of Finance
  • Experience 38 years of Experience
  • Training     Social Care, Food Care, Health Care
  • Degrees      Monday, Friday

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