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  • 28
  • Aug

Cancer Program for At-risk Children in New Delhi, India

  • 6.00 pm - 8.30 pm
  • 69 L City.

In New Delhi India, we have partnered with Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) for Cancer Treatment Program for children. We focus on indigent children with cancer from villages surrounding New Delhi. We treat five different types of childhood cancers. In last 9 years we have provided over 400 chemotherapy treatments and hundreds of children are benefited and given second chance at life!

Over 60% of our children patients are in remission. We are proud of our results. It is heart-warming to see the smiles on faces of children in remission and a gratitude in eyes of their parents. In partnership with Rotary club of New Delhi, Garden City and a grant from Rotary International Foundation, we are able to treat 60 -70% of the children referred to our organization. Another 30-40 % are waiting in line to receive this life saving treatment.

It only takes $125 a month to give these young souls a second chance at life! Please make a monthly pledge today to save a life!

Save Children From Hunger

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Our teams are screening children for malnutrition, running feeding programs and treating malnourished children in specialized health centers. We’re also providing clean water, addressing sanitation and hygiene to prevent diseases from spreading and providing support to families who’ve lost everything.

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